KitPVP has been reset!
Type /pvp to join!


Here are some recent changes that have taken place on the server! I am hoping to make this a regular thing to keep everyone updated on BTS happenings.
  • Nova Donor /PV's should be fixed
  • Catapult furniture has been disabled across all servers due to a glitch
  • Towny spawn enderpearls have been disabled due to a glitch
  • Nova Drills, and 3x3 pickaxes are broken at the moment due to an issue with our Anti-Cheat. We're waiting on a fix for that, thanks for your patience!
  • The server now supports 1.12.x clients. We now overall support 1.8.x to 1.12.x. Note: You may login with 1.12 clients, but none of the server-side 1.12 features (blocks, mobs, etc) will work until we do a full update. Thanks for your patience!
Until next time!
- Furq